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Islamic Education & Academic Tutoring

  • For students in Grades 1-6 who are Home Schooled.

  • Monday to Thursday.

  • Full Time or Part Time.

  • Daily Arabic, Qur'aan and Islamic Studies classes that teach the following:

    • How to read Al-Qur’aan Al-Kareem with Tajweed.

    • Qur'aanic and Modern Standard Arabic.

    • Memorising Suras and Du'aas.

    • 'Aqeedah based on The Qur'aan & The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

    • Seerah Nabawiyyah and Hadeeth.

    • 'Ibaadaat.

    • Islamic Manners & Character Building.

  • Tutoring/Instruction by Certified teachers in the Academic Subjects (English, Math, Science & Social Studies).

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